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We appreciate your help and generosity. It is because of the donors like you, the project of this magnitude made possible. Thank you!

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Our Committee

Here is the list of people who are actively involved in the development of the temple, please click on the link above to get to know them.

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Maha Shivratri Celeberation

Har Har Mahadev ,


You are cordially invited to join us in celebrating Maha Shivratri on Friday, March 8, 2024. Let's come together to offer prayers, seek blessings, and immerse ourselves in the divine energy of Lord Shiva.


On this auspicious occasion of Shivratri, May Lord Shiva's blessings illuminate your path with peace, prosperity, and divine wisdom.


Temple management have organized Shivaratri Pujan, from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM. Thanks in advance for your participation.


See attached flyer for sponsorship.


Also take a note that,

Temple will open 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Maha Shivratri .


Event Halls More Information

Ganesh Hall 50
Krishna Hall 350
Laxmi Hall 150
Radha Hall 125
Umiya Hall 400

Committee Members

  • Trustee Board Member
  • Executive Commette Member
  • Varsagat Trustee
  • Trustee Member

Trustee Board Member

First NameMiddle NameLast Name
Arvind Shivlal Patel
Atulkumar Prabhudas Patel
Baldevbhai Shankardas Patel
Bhadreshbhai Chimanlal Patel
Bharatbhai Maneklal Patel
Chandubhai Shivdas Patel
Chiragbhai Rameshbhai Patel
Dasharath Ramdas Patel
Dineshkumar Chhotalal Patel
Dipakbhai Ambalal Patel
Dixitkumar Bharatbhai Patel
Dr Kiritbhai Somabhai Patel
Dr Mahendrabhai P Dadhania
Dr. Jayant Punjalal Dadhania
Harshadbhai Ishvarbhai Patel
Himanshubhai Kantilal Patel
Jigneshbhai Shakarabhai Patel
Jigneshbhai Jayantilal Patel
Jitendrabhai Amaratlal Patel
Kanubhai Karsandas Patel
Madanmohan Rambhai Patel
Mahendrabhai Purshottamdas Patel
Manishkumar Ramanbhai Patel
Milanbhai Amaratlal Patel
Mukesh Ishwarlal Patel
Naresh Bhagvandas Patel
Naresh Mathurdas Patel
Rakeshkumar Madhavlal Patel
Ratilal Khodidas Patel
Vinodbhai Ranchodbhai Patel
Vishnu(VP) P Patel
ZZAdmin At Umiyaparivar

Executive Commette Member

First NameMiddle NameLast Name

Varsagat Trustee

First NameMiddle NameLast NameGham
Alpeshbhai Baldevbhai Patel Ganeshpura
Alpeshbhai Shakarabhai Patel Dingucha
Alpeshbhai Bipinbhai Patel Piplav
Alpeshkumar S Patel Nardipur
Amrutbhai Shivdas Patel Jornang
Arunkumar Shantilal Patel Karjisan
Arvind Shivlal Patel Jornang
Ashok Ambalal Patel Lodra
Ashokbhai Ishwarlal Patel Paliyad
Ashokbhai J Patel Piludra
Ashvinkumar R Patel Nardipur
Ashwinkumar Sankaldas Patel Sanganpur
Atulkumar Prabhudas Patel Kotha
Baldevbhai Shankardas Patel Rajpur
Baldevbhai Ramabhai Patel Jhulasan
Bharatbhai Vitthalbhai Faldu Motimarad
Bhavesh Chandulal Patel Dingucha
Bhaveshkumar Ramabhai Patel Bhadol
Bhogilal Mangaldas Patel Kharana
Bhupendrabhai Bhogilal Patel Paliyad
Bipin Atmaramdas Patel Jhulasan
Chandubhai Shivdas Patel Jornang
Chandubhai Punjabhai Patel Jhulasan
Chiragbhai Navinbhai Patel Jasalpur
Dashrathbhai Chunilal Patel Jhulasan
Dhirajlal Dayabhai Saparia Sardargadh
Dineshkumar Chhotalal Patel Nardipur
Dipakkumar Baldevbhai Patel Jhulasan
Dr Kiritbhai Somabhai Patel Mokhasan
Dr Vijay Patel Sisva
Ghanshyambhai A Patel Nardipur
Govindbhai Atmaramdas Patel Jhulasan
Harilal V Dalsania Nagvadar
Hitesh Chhanabhai Patel Paliyad
Jayesh Jivraj Garala Rajkot
Jigneshbhai Shakarabhai Patel Dingucha
Jigneshbhai Jayantilal Patel Paliyad
Kalpesh Mangaldas Patel Kadvasan
Kalpesh P Patel Torana
Kamala Keshubhai Patel Shertha (Chanasma)
Kamleshkumar Rasikbhai PATEL Nardipur
Kanubhai Bechardas Patel Nandasan
Kanubhai Dahyalal Patel Kotha
Kaushikkumar Chhotalal Patel Nardipur
Kiran Ghodasara Paneli Moti
Kirit Maganbhai Patel Solgam
Laxmikant Devshi Makadias Kolki
Madanmohan Rambhai Patel Vamaj
Mahendrabhai Purshottamdas Patel Unjha
Manishkumar Ramanbhai Patel Jhulasan
Naresh Bhagvandas Patel Nardipur
Naresh Mathurdas Patel Paliyad
Narottambhai Narandas Patel Tundali
Naymesh Karshanbhai Patel Lodra
Nileshkumar Gokalbhai Patel Kolki
Nirav Patel Ridrol
Nishit Sureshbhai Patel Kansa
Pankajbhai Somdas Patel Kotha
Paragkumar Manilal Patel Ola
Paresh Mathurbhai Patel Paliyad
Parth Narendra Patel Ridrol
Prahladbhai Patel Paliyad
Prakash Nanalal Govani Supedi ( Rajkot )
Pravinkumar Chandulal Patel Jhulasan
Rajanikant Ranchodlal Patel Ghumasan
Rajendra P Patel Mehsana
Rajesh Amaratlal Patel Jornang
Rakeshkumar Madhavlal Patel Nardipur
Ramabhai Shankerlal Patel Palyaid
Rameshbhai Prahladdas Patel Raipur
Rameshbhai Amrutlal Patel Dingucha
Rameshchandra Gordhanbhai Patel Ridrol
Rohitkumar Atmarambhai Patel Vadavswami
Samirbhai Baldevbhai Patel Ganeshpura
Sandip Patel Mudarda
Sanjay Mohanbhai Patel Padra
Sanjaybhai R Padodara Vadali
Saroj Kanubhai Patel & Kanubhai Mohanbhai Patel Paliyad
Sulaybhai S Patel Paliyad
Sureshkumar Joitaram Patel Karjisan
Suryakant Maneklal Patel Jasalpur
Umesh Ambalal Patel Dingucha
Vijay Gandalal Patel Jornang
Vikas Manubhai Patel Jhulasan
Vinaykumar Piyushbhai Patel Ganeshpura
Vinodbhai Ranchodbhai Patel Dingucha
Vinodrai V Ghetiya Khirashare
Vipul Mathurbhai Patel Motipura
Virendra Arvindbhai Patel Jhulasan
Vishnu(VP) P Patel Nardipur

Trustee Member

First NameMiddle NameLast NameGham
Ajay Hiralal Kansagra DEVDA
Alpeshbhai Chimanlal Patel Dingucha
Alpeshbhai Gandalal patel Joranang
Ambalal Nathalal Patel Saij
Amit Chinubhai Patel Vadharoda
Amrutbhai Narandas Patel Kharana
Anil R Patel Vasai
Anil Somabhai Patel Nath Pura
Arvind A Patel Jhulasan
Arvindbhai Ravjibhai Patel Dharmaj
Arvindbhai Ramdas Patel Dingucha
Arvindbhai Madhavlal Patel Lavarpur
Arvindkumar P Patel Kasva
Ashminkumar chandulal Patel Nardipur
Ashokbhai Kantilal Patel Saij
Ashokbhai Ishvarbhai Patel Mehsana
Ashokbhai Girdharbhai Patel Chhatral
Ashwinkumar Haribhai Patel Paliyad
Atul Lalbhai Patel Jornang
Atul Arvind patel Karjisan
Babubhai Manilal Patel Paliyad
Badalbhai Virendrabhai Patel Sanand
Baldevbhai Ramdas Patel Dingucha
Baldevbhai Meghabhai Patel Jhulasan
Baldevbhai Shankardas Patel Dingucha
Baldevbhai Ragabhai Patel Paliyad
Balvantbhai Mangaldas Patel Vadavswami
Bhadreshbhai Chimanlal Patel Paliyad
Bharat Natvarlal Patel Karjisan
Bharat Lalbhai Patel Jhulasan
Bharatbhai Mathurdas Patel Ganeshpura
Bharatbhai Jamanadas Patel Maknaj
Bharatbhai Mafatlal Patel Jasalpur
Bharatbhai Mangaldas Patel Paliyad
Bharatbhai Maneklal Patel Jhulasan
Bharatbhai Jugaldas Patel Jhulasan
Bharatkumar Visabhai Patel Saij
Bharatkumar Bechardas Patel Dingucha
Bhavesh R Patel Langhanaj
Bhaveshbhai Arvindbhai Patel Ladol
Bhavin Govindlal Patel Jhulasan
Bhavinbhai Babubhai Patel Naroda
Bhikhabhai Mathurbhai Patel Kharana
Bhikhabhai Visabhai Patel Dangarva
Bhikhabhai Mathurdas Patel Dingucha
Bhupen Atmaramdas Patel Chanasma
Chandrakant Amaratbhai Patel Dingucha
Chimanbhai Ambalal Patel Jhulasan
Chintu Kanubhai Patel Naroda
Chirag Babubhai Patel Vadu
Chirag K Patel Naroda
Chiragbhai Rameshbhai Patel Paliyad
Dahyalal Ramdas Patel Paliyad
Dasharath Bechardas Patel Jhulasan
Dasharath Ramdas Patel Jhulasan
Dasharath Kantilal Patel Kharana
Dasharathbhai Venidas Patel Jornang
Dashratbhai Amrutlal Patel Nardipur
Dashratbhai Shakarabhai Patel Dingucha
Dashrathbhai Atmaram Patel Dingucha
Deenasha Gordhandas Patel Ghumasan
Deepak Somabhai Patel Jornang
Devang Madhusudan Patel Ahmedabad
Devang Chinubhai Patel Keliya Vasna
Devendra Rambhai Patel Mokhasan
Dhananjay Babulal Patel Dingucha
Dharmendra Prahladbhai Patel Kaiyal
Dharmendra Trikamlal Patel Sarsav
Dhaval Ramchandra Patel Ahmedabad
Digvesh Govindhbhai Patel Jhulasan
Dilip Prahaladbhai Patel Ahmedabad
Dilipbhai Atmaram Patel Jhulasan
Dilipbhai H Patel Kolki
Dilipkumar Isahwarlal Patel Paliyad
Dimeshbhai Amrutbhai Patel Jornang
Dimpal Sanjay Sutaria Pipliya
Dinesh Mohanbhai Bhalodia Vanthali
Dineshkumar Baldevbhai Patel Jornang
Dineshkumar Bhogidas Patel Sankarpura
Dipakbhai Ambalal Patel Dingucha
Divyang Babubhai Patel Vadaswami
Divyeshkumar Jayantkumar Patel Nardipur
Dixitkumar Bharatbhai Patel Chandrasan
Dixitkumar Kalabhai Patel Jasalpur
Dr Mahendrabhai P Dadhania Buri-Rajkot
Dr. Jayant Punjalal Dadhania Buri
Dushyant R Patel Visalpur
Ganeshbhai M. Patel Ganeshpura
Gautam Manilal Patel Umata
Gautambhai Govindbhai Patel Sardhav
Ghanshyam M Patel Mokhasan
Ghanshyam Hargovandas Patel Nandasan
Girdharlal Popatlal Sarodia Bhangor
Girishbhai Patel Paliyad
Gitendra Bhikhabhai Patel Veda
Govindbhai Bagvandas Patel Kherva
Gunvant Bolabhai Patel Rajpur
Hardik P Patel Saij
Haresh Patel Chanasma
Hareshbhai Gandabhai Patel Pavsa
Harshadbhai Ishvarbhai Patel Anandpura
Harshadbhai Ambalal Patel Paliyad
Harshadbhai Virabhai Patel Tundav
Harshadkumar Amrutlal Patel Vamaj
Harshbhai Girishbhai Patel Umata
Hasmukhbhai P Patel Khambhat
Hasmukhkumar Govindbhai Patel Paliyad
Hemant Dasharathlal Patel Paliyad
Hemant Pravin Patel Ahmedabad
Himanshu Gunvantlal Patel Karol
Himanshu Rameshchandra Patel Kanz
Himanshubhai Kantilal Patel Jornang
Hiren Pravinbhai Patel Jasalpur
Hiren Rameshbhai Patel Kotha
Hirenbhai Vinodbhai Patel Chhatral
Hirenbhai Chandulal Patel Rajpur
Hirubhai Jivabhai Patel Boru-Rajpur
Hitendra Vitthalbhai Patel Unjha
Hiteshbhai Rajanibhai Patel Hansol
Jagadishbhai Keshavalal Patel kukarvada
Jagdish P Patel Nardipur
Jagdish Gangarambhai Patel Jasalpur
Jagdishbhai Amaratbhai Patel Dingucha
Jamnadas Chhaganlal Sitapara Jamvali
Jatin Chandubhai Patel Dangarva
Jay N Kalola Vanthali
Jay Gunvantbhai Patel Jhulasan
Jayantibhai B Patel Ahmedabad
Jayesh Kantilal Patel Dingucha
Jayeshbhai Lalbhai Patel Bhavpura
Jayeshbhai Chandulal Patel Jornang
Jayeshkumar A Patel Kalol
Jayeshkumar Jamnadas Patel Upleta
Jaymin Maheshkumar Patel Kharana
Jayprakash Shivdas Patel Paliyad
Jayshreeben Amitkumar Patel Chhatral
Jaysukh Mohanbhai Lalkiya Ranakandorana
Jignesh Govindbhai Patel Paliyad
Jignesh Natvarbhai Patel Paliyad
Jignesh Pravinbhai Patel Dangarva
Jigneshbhai Nathalal Patel Langhanaj
Jigneshbhai Dashrathbhai patel Khavad
Jitendra Babulal Patel Dangarva
Jitendrabhai Amaratlal Patel Rajpur
Jitubhai Gandalal Patel Jornang
Kalpesh Dahyabhai Patel Rajpur
Kalpeshbhai Vakil Bhaner(Kheda)
Kamlesh Chimanlal Patel Paliyad
Kamleshbhai Shakarchand Patel Jhulasan
Kanubhai Karsandas Patel Paliyad
Kanubhai Kalidas Patel Jornang
Kanubhai Punumbhai Patel Naroda
Kanubhai Gandalal Patel Kotha
Kanubhai Kalidas Patel Rajpur
Kanubhai Prahaladbhai Patel Nardipur
Kanubhai Ghirtherdas Patel Rajpur
Kanubhai Hirdas Patel Mokhasan
Kaushalbhai Pravinchandra Patel Paliyad
Ketan Rasikbhai Patel Paliyad
Ketan Maneklal Patel Ambasan
Ketanbhai Baldevbhai Patel Vadu
Keyur Pravinbhai Patel Jasalpur
Kinjal Girishbhai Patel Chansama
Kiran & Akshay Dayalal Vachhani Kolki
Kirankumar Bhikhalal Patel Jhulasan
Kiren H Patel Ahmedabad
Krunalbhai Kiritbhai Patel Chansama
Lalitbhai Baldevbhai Patel Rajpur
Lilaben Prahladbhai Patel Jhulasan
Mahendra K Patel Jhulasan
Mahendra Bhikhabhai Patel Boru-Rajpur
Mahendrabhai Chimanlal Patel Jhulasan
Mahendrabhai Shankarlal Patel Dingucha
Mahendrakumar Visabhai Patel Jhulasan
Mahendrakumar Chimanlal Patel Akhaj
Mahesh Patel Saij
Maheshbhai Ramabhai Patel Saij
Maheshbhai Bhaichandbhai Patel Ahmedabad
Maheshkumar Rasikbhai Patel Nardipur
Manan Gilitwala Surat
Maneklal Purshottamdas Patel Bhatasan
Mangalbhai Mohandas Patel Dingucha
Mangalbhai V Patel Kharana
Manish Sureshbhai Patel Ahmedabad
Manojbhai Laxmanbhai Patel Dangarva
Manojbhai Manibhai Patel Jornang
Maulesh Rasikbhai Patel Isand
Maulik Rameshbhai Patel Paliyad
Maulik Patel Untava
Mayur Rameshbhai Patel Chanshma
Mihir Prahladbhai Patel Dingucha
Milanbhai Amaratlal Patel Rajpur
Mital Jagdishbhai Patel Jornang
Mitalbhai Chaturbhai Patel Jornang
Mukesh Govindbhai Parikh Bawla
Mukesh A Parikh Ahmedabad
Mukesh Ishwarlal Patel Paliyad
Mukeshbhai P Patel Dhanpura
Mukeshbhai K Patel Veda
Mukeshbhai Kantibhai Patel Patadi
Nagarbhai Nathalal Patel Sangalpur
Narendrakumar R Patel Ghumasan
Naresh Rambhai Patel Dingucha
Nareshbhai Kantilal Patel Dingucha
Nareshbhai Prabhudas Patel Jornang
Narmadaben Ramanbhai Patel Jasalpur
Natavarlal Mohanlal Patel Rajpur
Natvarlal Ishavardas Patel Paliyad
Natvarlal Bechardas Patel Rajpur
Natvarlal Somdas Patel Ganeshpura
Navnit Manilal Patel Umta
Nayan Patel Saladi
Neelaben Ketankumar Patel Chansma
Nikhil Shantilal Parikh Ahmedabad
Nikulbhai Rasiklal Patel Paliyad
Nilay Maneklal Patel Jornang
Nileshkumar Vishnubhai Patel Dangarva
Nileshkumar Arvindbhai Patel Kharana
Nimesh Chandubhai Patel Bhadol
Nirav Ramanlal Patel Dingucha
Nitin J patel Itadara
Nitin J Patel Chiloda
Pankaj Maneklal Patel Paliyad
Pankaj Revabhai Patel Soja
Pankajbhai Dasharathlal Patel Nardipur
Pankajbhai Punjiramdas Patel Nardipur
Pankajbhai Ranchhodbhai Patel Jhulasan
Paresh Kantilal Patel Dingucha
Paresh Ambalal Patel Jornang
Paresh Patel Paliyad
Paresh Babubhai Patel Jhulasan
Pareshbhai Somabhai Patel Jornang
Pareshbhai Madhavlal Patel Nardipur
Parshottam Narshibhai Kasundra Khageshri
Parth Sureshbhai Patel Ranip
Parthiv G Kastia Ahmedabad
Parthivbhai Chandrakantbhai Patel Sardhav
Pinakin Somabhai Patel Paliyad
Piyush Rambhai Patel Jornang
Piyushbhai Mangaldas Patel Langhanaj
Prakashbhai Girdharbhai Patel Chhatral
Pravin Girdharbhai Patel Chhatral
Pravin Kachrabhai Patel Jhulasan
Pravinbhai Nathalal Patel Paliyad
Pravinkumar Godalal Patel Ganeshpura
Pravinkumar Ranachodbhai Patel Paliyad
Priyesh Manubhai Patel Surat (Unjha)
Rajenbhai Vitthalbhai Patel Nardipur
Rajendra Ranchhodbhai Patel Mehsana
Rajendrakumar G Patel Saij
Rajeshbhai Gandalal Patel Dingucha
Rajeshbhai B Patel Vadu
Rajeshkumar Baldevbhai Patel Navi Shedhavi
Rajubhai Ambalal Patel Dingucha
Rajubhai Kantilal Patel Paliyad
Rajubhai Bhogilal Patel Nandasan
Rajubhai Natubhai Patel Paliyad
Rajubhai C Patel Dingucha
Rakesh Mulchandbhai Patel Paliyad
Rakesh Pravinbhai Patel Akhaj
Rakesh Babubhai Patel Ahmedabad
Rakesh Ramanlal Patel Dangarva
Rakeshbhai Ambalal Patel Dingucha
Ramanbhai V Patel Dehgam
Ramanbhai Shivabhai Patel Akhaj
Ramanbhai Vitthaldas Patel Paliyad
Ramesh Ghanshyambhai Patel Mokhasan
Ramesh Ranchhodlal Patel (Marfatia) Jornang
Rameshbhai Natvarlal Patel Isand
Rameshbhai Narandas Patel Mokhasan
Rameshbhai Narandas Patel Dingucha
Rameshchandra Sendhabhai Patel Kharana
Ranchhodlal Ambalal Patel Ghumasan
Rasikbhai B Patel Karjisan
Rasikbhai Kantilal Patel Dingucha
Rasikbhai Amrutbhai Patel Rajpur
Ratilal Khodidas Patel Daran
Ravi Rameshbhai Patel Jasalpur
Rohitbhai Parsottamdas patel Nardipur
Rohitbhai Parshotamdas Patel Kotha
Ronak Kanubhai Patel Chandanpura
Rupen Kantilal Patel Ahmedabad
Sandip Govindbhai Patel Kotha
Sanjaykumar Ramanlal Patel Bhavpura
Satyashivkumar Natvarbhai Patel Paliyad
Saurin Rameshbhai Patel Jornang
Shailesh Madhavlal Patel Kalol
Shailesh Jagjivanbhai Patel Kadi
Shailesh Venidas Patel Jasalpur
Shailesh N Patel Paliyad
Shailesh Amratlal Patel Gozaria
Shaileshbhai Kantilal Patel Vadavswami
Shaileshbhai Prahladbhai Patel Paliyad
Shaileshkumar Popatlal Patel Nardipur
Shaileshkumar Kantilal Patel Kotha
Subhash M Patel Rajkot
Sudhirbhai Ambalal Patel Paliyad
Sumanbhai M Patel Nardipur
Sunil Madhusudan Patel Ahmedabad
Sunilbhai Ramabhai Patel Jornang
Sunilbhai Mangaldas Patel Paliyad
Suresh Amaratlal Patel Dangarva
Sureshbhai Baldevbhai Patel Paliyad
Sureshbhai Naranbhai Patel Dangarva
Sureshbhai P Patel Akhaj
Sureshkumar Shivabhai Patel Parsa
Tejasbhai Laxmandas Patel Kada
Thakorbhai Fulabhai Patel Naroda
Vardhman Bharatkumar Patel Dingucha
Vasantbhai Dahyalal Patel Jhulasan
Vijay Arunbhai Patel Bavla
Vijaybhai Kanubhai Patel Jornang
Vijaybhai Jayantilal Vachhani Kolki
Vijaykumar Ambalal Patel Rajpur
Vijaykumar Mohanlal Patel Mulsan
Vinod Vihabhai Patel Chadasana
Vipul Govindbhai Patel Paliyad
Vipulbhai Atmaramdas Patel Malawada
Vipulkumar Patel Ajol
Viral Chandubhai Patel Dingucha
Vishal Parikh Ahmedabad
Vishnu Bhaktibhai Patel Nardipur
Vishnubhai Lalbhai Patel Rajpur
Vivek Prahladbhai Patel Kamboi
Yagneshbhai Tansukhbhai Patel Patadi
Yogendra Gandalal Patel Kaiyal
Yogendrakumar Manubhai Patel Nardipur
Yogesh Amratbhai Patel Jhulasan
Yogeshbhai Pravinbhai Patel Mokhasan
Yogeshbhai Kantilal Patel Dholasan
Yogeshkumar Patel
ZZAdmin At Umiyaparivar Unjha

Services Book Online

List of PujaInside TempleOutside Temple
Chandi Puja $101.00 $151.00
Ganesh Puja $101.00 $151.00
Hanuman Dada Pooja $200.00 $150.00
Lakshmi Puja $51.00 $151.00
Maruti Yagna $151.00 $251.00
New Seva $51.00 $151.00
Radha Krishna Puja $51.00 $151.00
Satyanarayan Katha $51.00 $151.00
Shiv Abhishek Puja $51.00 $151.00
Sunderkand $101.00 $151.00
Vishnu Puja $10.00 $111.00

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